Party Lights

When the weather gets warmer, most of us are overtaken by the desire to spend more time outside. As chilly nights turn into balmy summer evenings, the outdoor world begins to beckon. Your backyard offers the perfect setting to bring your next gathering outside. One of the easiest ways to make an impact on outdoor ambiance is through lighting. Let’s explore a few simple ways to impress your guests and liven up your yard for your next party or event.

Outdoor lighting for a party

Lighting sets the mood for any event—for better or worse. It can draw guests in with a welcoming cheerful glow, or it can make them feel the party is over before it has even begun. 

Outdoor party lighting can range from temporary tiki torches and string lights, to fully programmable professionally installed systems.  It can improve visibility on paths, enhance a garden, or highlight a favorite architectural feature. The right lighting can create the kind of mood you want for each gathering. Whether for a small family barbeque or a grandiose wedding, selecting the right outdoor lighting will make your yard shine bright for any occasion.

Permanent outdoor lighting systems

Outdoor lighting systems are a great option for all homeowners, and especially for people who entertain often and want one less thing to worry about. 

A professionally installed exterior lighting system forms the basis of a great atmosphere for outdoor entertaining. You can count on the right level of visibility and better safety for people moving around through outdoor spaces. And, with adjustable lighting fixtures, you can tweak the mood for each gathering you have. 

An outdoor lighting system includes the transformer which powers the lights, wiring and connectors, and the fixtures and bulbs. They are energy-efficient systems with a variety of elements and configurations to allow complete design control over your backyard environment.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting involves strategically placed spotlights to highlight certain features in your yard. These aren’t the ugly commercial spotlights you’d see in a shopping center parking lot. These modern fixtures come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to create the exact visual effect you are looking for. 

You might want to showcase an ancient oak tree or illuminate dramatic architectural columns on your house. Brighten up dark corners and eliminate shadowy areas that feel “creepy” or uninviting. You can turn up the intensity for a livelier atmosphere, or turn it low for a more intimate gathering. Landscape lighting adds customizable visual interest to your yard, giving your party a special and unique touch to stand out above the rest.

Walkway lighting

Walkway lighting makes it easy for people to navigate your yard as the sun begins to set. 

Direct guests to different food stations or guide them to the bar. Illuminate a clear path to the bathroom. Create a cozy perimeter around your firepit. Or even visually enclose a play area for the kiddos. Walkway lighting adds comfort, safety, and visibility. And, it frees you up from having to guide people around the party all night, giving you more time to connect with your guests.

Adjustable lighting 

Commercial grade outdoor lighting systems are flexible and can be adjusted in a variety of ways to create the perfect mood for your party:

  • increase or decrease the intensity of the lights for the type of party.
  • set colors to change periodically for visual interest and to highlight different activities.
  • pre-program the lights to shift color and brightness at different times.

Two great types of adjustable lights for parties are bistro lights and lighting for water features. Both are festive and versatile. They can be adjusted to create specific effects or adjust the mood of your event. Spotlights can be installed to shine through water features, creating a magical and fun effect. You can adjust the colors of the lights to match the theme of the party or a specific holiday.

Temporary outdoor lights for a party

Temporary or event-specific lighting can be wonderful depending on the type of event that you want to host. Everything from torch lights for a themed barbecue to paper lanterns for a pool party can offer the perfect lights for outside party spaces, and guests love these little additions.

  • String Lights

These common lights come in simple strings and can be wound around certain features or hung between posts to create walkways, light up temporary dance floors, or simply create a sense of ambience. Easy to use and fairly inexpensive, they are known for their versatility.

  • Light Projectors

These modern lights allow you to light up entire spaces with fun colors and patterns. Made for covering large spaces, like fences or the side of a home, they can provide a unique and engaging experience.. The right setting can turn a fence into a rolling ocean for a beach-themed party or add “stars” to light up your home like the night sky.

  • Portable Lanterns

Lanterns offer a great look and plenty of ambient lighting. Portable lanterns can be placed throughout the yard to offer a little extra glow. This makes them ideal for walkways, dark corners, table tops, or even in tree branches for a dramatic touch. 

Lighting is a powerful tool for any homeowner or event host to consider for their next outdoor party. There are countless ways to use lights to illuminate your backyard and take your outdoor entertaining to the next level. Let us help you make your next outdoor party unforgettable. To learn more about using custom lighting options to showcase your yard with the right lights, contact us today for a free consultation.

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