low voltage landscape lighting with LED

What does it mean to Upgrade an Outdoor Landscape Lighting System?

A simple definition of upgrade, or relighting, is the process of upgrading your existing fixtures with a new light source while maintaining the integrity of the fixture itself. In other words, it’s like switching out a light bulb without replacing the entire fixture.

When Should I Upgrade My Landscape Lighting System?

Qualifying whether you should update your lighting system or not depends on the situation of your homes system. If your entire fixture is in bad condition, outdated, or simply not the style you want anymore, then lighting upgrades of your fixture isn’t the best option. But if your fixtures are in good condition and aren’t an issue, a upgrade may be a good choice.

Why Should I Upgrade Landscape Lighting to LEDs?

LED is one of the biggest lighting upgrades buildings and homes are doing these days. At Brightway Landscape Lighting, we can replace any outdoor lighting system with the highly efficient LED lights. Replacing your current bulbs with LED’s is undeniably better in virtually every single aspect of quality lighting.

Our mission at Brightway Landscape Lighting is to provide our customers with the optimal and most practical lighting system. Sometimes it is not necessary to replace all, if any, of your current fixtures. Most traditional outdoor lighting systems, such as halogen and incandescent can easily be converted to LED. To determine if your system would qualify for a update, one of our outdoor lighting professionals needs to inspect your system and see if it is fit for the conversion. Contuct us today for a free Consultation.