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Smart outdoor lighting technology is a growing trend in outdoor lighting. It connects your lighting to a wireless system, so you can remotely switch lights on or off when you aren’t home and set lighting schedules. In short, smart outdoor lighting technology gives you the ultimate in control.

How Smart Outdoor Lighting Technology Works

In order for smart technology to operate outdoor lights, your lights must be connected to smart switches so they can communicate with the app. Switches can be installed with your new lighting system or they can be added to an already existing lighting system.

The technology controls are accessed through an app on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. And smart technology is becoming easier to use, especially as voice control becomes more widespread.

Once your lights are connected wirelessly, the fun begins.

What Smart Outdoor Lighting Technology Does

At the most basic level, smart technology allows you to automatically turn on your outdoor lights at sunset or when a car enters your driveway. Through the app, set a lighting schedule around sunset and sunrise or when motion is sensed. Dim the lights on a patio or deck so you can enjoy the nighttime sky.

Technology also gives you the chance to further enhance garden features. Smart outdoor lighting technology lets you turn on pathway lights one at a time when someone walks by. Consider transforming your landscaping into a party-like atmosphere by programming lighting color changes. Light up your landscaping with the colors of the holiday to get family and friends in the mood to celebrate.

Using smart outdoor technology helps ensure your home’s security by giving you the opportunity to turn lights on remotely when you aren’t home. A well-lit home helps deter would-be criminals from entering your property.

Save Energy with LEDs

LED outdoor lighting systems are one of the best options on the market. They offer superior performance, energy efficiency and bright illumination, and longevity. And because LED lighting is energy efficient, you’ll see the benefit on your electric bills.

In addition, LEDs offer attractive style and color variations. And LED lights don’t attract bugs and mosquitoes, so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Call in the Lighting Professionals

If you’re thinking about installing outdoor lighting, consider the benefits of relying on the outdoor lighting services of a professional. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to know the best types of lights to use, how many to install, and where to position them, so you get the greatest benefits.

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